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Discipleship occurs within the context of community. When Jesus called people to Himself, He invited them to follow Him and share in His life. As such, we believe that it is within community that we are challenged toward greater faithfulness and obedience to Christ. Christian discipleship involves the commitment of the total person to God. Part of learning to be a disciple is to learn to submit to God’s direction and to the authorities God places in our lives. Living under authority is not simply a matter of forced obedience; it is a way of reordering our lives in light of our submission to Christ. Living in community offers tremendous rewards but it may also involve setting aside some practices and personal preferences for the benefit of others.


House Band

Bethany has a group of student leaders that are selected by the Ministry Arts Director on an annual basis. The House Band regularly lead in music and worship in the Bethany College community worship gathering (called Selah). The Ministry Arts Director is the advisor to the House Band, and intentionally mentors the House Band leader. Auditions are held during opening week. More details


Point of Impact (POI)

Point of Impact is a group of gifted musicians that is looking forward to serving the Body of Christ. Their desire is to encourage, challenge and minister as they join other believers in worshipping Christ. Auditions are held during opening week. More details


The Bethany Players are an eight-member, dynamic, and creative team committed to using our gifts and abilities in service.  Auditions are held during opening week. More details

Student Council Committees



Bethany has a group of student leaders that are discerned and appointed by the STUCO on an annual basis. The Café chairperson may sit regularly or periodically at the Student Council meetings at the direction of the STUCO President. The Café Committee coordinates evening, weekend, and special event times on campus. The committee uses various facilities on campus depending on the event to set up the Café. The Dean of Student Development is the advisor to the Café Committee, and arranges for the mentoring of the Café Chairperson. STUCO Cafe



Youth Advance CommitteeDSC_0196

Bethany has a group of student leaders that are discerned and appointed by the Youth Advance Director on an annual basis. These students work together with the staff YAC members to lead the Bethany College campus in hosting the Youth Advance weekend. This weekend is an opportunity for high school students to come together and see hearts changed, worship God, and have fun. On the first full weekend in February, hundreds of young people join our student body and experience Bethany’s community amidst an eventful weekend youth retreat.

First Year Representative

Each fall semester the first year class elects a male and female class representative. You can submit a application during registration. The First Year Rep’s purpose is to act as representatives of the First year class to the Student Council by:
a. To accurately represent Student opinion at Student Council meetings
b. To make First years aware of Student Council policy and decisions
c.  Involvement in a STUCO committee of the representative’s choice.
d. To work together as a male and female representative