Bethany College has a rich history.  After several years of holding classes in nearby churches, a permanent school was established in Hepburn in 1927.

During the forties, this school was named Bethany Bible Institute and ran a five-year program for those wishing to enter full-time ministry.  Former principals and presidents have been:  Dietrich P. Esau (1924-34), John B. Toews (1934-37), Gerhard W. Peters (1937-42), Gerhard D. Huebert (1942-45), Jacob H. Epp (1945-64), Cornelius Braun (1964-67, 1968-76, 1977-79), Abram H. Wieler (1967-68), Elmer Andres (1976-77), Isaac Bergen (1979-86), Cliff Jantzen (1986-91), James Nikkel (1991-95), Doug Berg (1995-99), and Rick Schellenberg (1999-2009).  These men as well as numerous faculty and staff have given a godly heritage to Bethany.

In 1958, the Herbert Bible School amalgamated with Bethany.  After Coaldale Bible School closed, the Alberta and Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren conferences joined together to sponsor Bethany in 1968.

In 1995, the Saskatchewan Churches of Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference joined as a third co-sponsor of Bethany.

Spring of 2017, the Thrive Discipleship Program at Bethany Campus was underway! thrivesk.com