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Living out one’s faith in the real world can be tough, Mission and Proposed Programespecially during those first years away from home! The Thrive Discipleship Program at Bethany College gives students the Christian support they need to excel at life’s challenges! Staff at Thrive and our unique “home-church connection”, help students use their heads, hands and hearts to build a life foundation on Christ.

At Thrive, it’s more than books. It’s 8-months of practical learning balanced with experience to prepare you for a life of being a whole and holy disciple for Christ. Thrive’s purpose is to form whole and holy disciples for a role in the world, teaching students to continue the ministry exemplified by Christ in their future careers, families, and communities.

Thrive welcomes students from all Christian denominations and is governed by the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith. Students live together in community on campus and can fully immerse themselves in biblical topics through the program’s modular design that runs from September to April with frequent short-term missions trips.

For more information, check out our updated Mission and Vision document by clicking the image on the left!