February 2021 – Board Decision

To: Supporters of Bethany

Greetings from the Bethany Board.  We wish to advise our community of supporters that after due consideration of all the options open to us, the Board has decided to work with the CCMBC Legacy Fund managers to sell the Bethany Campus.  This was not an easy decision to arrive at, but we believe the inevitability of it has been before us for some time.

The Board members have felt for some years the burden of trying to maintain the legacy of previous generations who built up Bethany, over a hundred years of Bible teaching has occurred on this campus.  There are thousands of alumni who have been blessed by attending here, receiving an increase in their understanding of God’s word due to Bethany, and that is a great achievement.  But the reality is that we can no longer sustain the campus in its current form.  The response we had to our letter of December 10th was very, very limited. We certainly did appreciate the time and thought which went into the responses we did receive, and we are grateful for them.  However the Lord has not chosen to shower us with money, no offers of financial support were made, and the Board accepts that we have laid out our fleece and received an answer.  The answer is to sell the campus and move on.

We are not sure what the future holds for Bethany and the Thrive program.  Our enrollment applications for the fall of 2021 are at 7 students with more indicating their desire to attend.  We have never felt more encouraged and confident in that Thrive is a work blessed by God.  It is our hope we can negotiate a rental agreement with the new owner, or make whatever arrangements are possible to continue to operate Thrive here in Hepburn.  That is our first choice.  We will have to see what can be done as things progress.

 We wish to thank CCMBC for working with us in our financial struggles over the last few years.  They have always been helpful and very gracious to us.  The situation which has befallen us is not their fault, it is a product of many factors, which do not now bear discussing.  We are moving to resolution as best we can and we thank them for walking with us.  We also wish to thank all of our faithful financial and prayer supporters for their sacrificial financial support and their intersession with God on our behalf.  God always answers prayer, we just have to be listening.  And we need to acknowledge the many, many volunteers who have donated so much time and sweat in maintaining the campus.  They never seek accolades for themselves but have provided so much to making Bethany a welcoming, beautiful place.  Thank you all.

The Board would greatly appreciate being held up in prayer as we work through the next steps.  There can never be too much prayer support, and we will need all that can be provided

Yours Sincerely,

Clark Brotzell

Chairman of the Bethany College Board.