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Sabrina (Swereda) and Kendall Friesen


Since our time at Bethany, Kendall and I (Sabrina) have enjoyed making Winnipeg our home. Kendall has put his accounting skills to use for the past 2.5 years in a job he loves at the Canadian Wheat Board, and I have had a chance to work, enjoy motherhood, and begin graduate studies. I feel very blessed to be able to spend time raising our son, Gavin, while taking part-time classes towards my M.A. Counselling degree at Providence Seminary. My Bethany education has come in very handy, as it served as a stepping stone to pursuing a career that involves intentional caregiving.
We have found a church community at FaithWorks MB Church, and are but few of numerous Bethany alumni who attend. We are excited to keep building community and relationships here, and are thoroughly enjoying our time as a young family.


Colin Willms, 2008, Saskatoon, SK

“Bethany has done incredible things in shaping my character and has challenged me to be a  better person.  I have come a long way and I feel like I have really embraced my opportunity to be a leader in this school and that people look up to me.  .I could not have predicted my change or seen myself as someone who would be looked up to and yet that is the desire that has been growing in me over my years. .I am sure that I will be involved in ministry of some sort and looking to be a person of influence wherever I go.”



Myriam Ullah works within the IVEP – International Volunteer Exchange Program.
Dana Krushel (nee Barrand) works within the Chalo Program.

Myriam and Dana were among 18 other individuals to receive the Spirit of Living in Harmony award. Link to full article:
Presentation Of The “Extraordinary In The Ordinary” Awards

Stephen Siemens works within the Restorative Justice.



Janelle (Barkman) and Rod Loewen


Putting into a paragraph what Bethany has meant to me is nearly impossible. Because where do I start? Do I mention the incredible life-long friendships that have carried me through really tough times? Do I mention the staff and faculty that mentored me, encouraged me, and today still keep me accountable and play a big part in my spiritual walk? Do I mention that I met my amazing husband there? Do I mention how my life totally changed while attending Bethany? I discovered who I really was in Christ – that I truly was forgiven for the past and so I began building my future in confidence that He would continue walking with me, like He did so faithfully those 2 years at Bethany. I LOVE Bethany, and still consider it my second home.  I’m so proud to be an Alumni.


Lorraine Mau, 1998, Guernsey, SK

As a kid, I remember going to Bethany with my parents for events/music or when the Chorale would come to our church and thinking about how I wanted to go to Bethany when I graduated.  That dream became a reality and I ended up at Bethany for 3 years (96-99).  My reason for going to Bible School was to grow in my faith and learn about God/the Bible.  I ended up doing both of those as well as being blessed far more, growing in self-confidence, making amazing friends (including my husband) and having amazing experiences.  Bethany was life changing for me and I am so grateful and blessed by my experience.  It was well worth every cent.  I sure hope I can send my kids there someday for an experience like I had.


Dr. Raylene Reimer (DeBruyn)



Dr. Raylene Reimer (DeBruyn), a Bethany alumna, is a leader in a growing field of study that examines the developmental origins of health and disease.
To read more about Raylene’s research click: Early childhood diet may influence future health, University of Calgary website.





Mary Anne (Willems) and Jon Isaak


My studies at Bethany contributed to a love of reading God’s Word. Those three years also gave me an opportunity to become more confident in who I am. After Jon and I got married, I used the skills I learned at Bethany when we served together with MBMSI in Kikwit, DR of Congo (then Zaire) and later in St. Petersburg, Russia. My husband, Jon Isaak, graduated from Winkler Bible Institute and currently he is teaching at the MB Biblical Seminary in Fresno, CA. I just celebrated the 10 year anniversary as one of the pastors on the team at College Community Church Mennonite Brethren in Clovis, California. I remember with much gratefulness the encouragement I received at Bethany.





Marj (Pauls) and Carl Klassen


We really enjoyed our years at Bethany and are thankful for the good friends we made. The encouragement received there is still in our hearts. We are thankful that we were able to raise four children on the farm. They have all graduated from Bethany College and we are pleased to say that both of our sons-in-law are also alumni. We are so thankful to the college for the role it has played in our family and are grateful for the opportunity to give back in a small way by volunteering, giving and serving on the Board. May God continue to bless you, Bethany, as you bless many more students and families!




Remembering Margaret Epp










(The beloved writer, Margaret Epp, passed away September 7, 2008. She was an alumnus and former instructor at Bethany College.  The following is taken, with permission, from

Miss Margaret Epp, winner of the Leslie K. Tarr Award in 2003, was a professional writer from age 35 to 77. When she was just seven years  old, God told her that she would be a writer. At 95, she recalled that moment vividly. She was at a boarding school in China when “the revelation” came, and went outside to stand under a tree and absorb it.

Even so, Margaret did not begin writing for another 28 years. It wasn’t practical for a Mennonite farm girl, but the Depression made space for many young people to receive higher education, and so Margaret attended Bethany College along with her brothers. After graduation she was invited to stay on to teach English (which included manners). She taught until age 35, at which time she just knew it was time to start writing.

She then spent that first winter writing alone in the old family farmhouse:  wood stove, no electricity, no car and only a phone and dependence on neighbours. Her family was dubious about the living arrangements, but they did not question the fact that she was writing, unlike other people in the community who were convinced that writing fiction meant Margaret was dealing in lies.

So Margaret wrote fiction, mainly for children and teens and mainly for Sunday School publications through Moody and Zondervan. When that stream dried up for her in her late 50’s, the Lord led her to several projects that required major travel: a travel diary, a history of Bethany College, a history of missions at Prairie Bible School, a missionary biography, a fiction-based-on-fact historical novel about women in the Steinbach area, and the story of a mission church in Europe. These travel projects came later in her life. You just never know when and how you might literally take off!

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